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数学学院、所2022年系列学术活动(第106场):孙建国 教授 密苏里大学

发表于: 2022-08-03   点击: 

报告题目:Some Recent Advances on Variable Section for Interval-Censored Failure Time Data

报 告 人:孙建国 教授


报告时间:2022年8月9日 星期二 10:00-11:00



报告摘要:Variable selection is a common task in many fields and also a hot topic for the analysis of failure time data, a main filed in biostatistics or statistical applications in medical and public health studies. Correspondingly, some methods have been developed but there still exist some practical situations that have not been investigated. In this talk, we will discuss several recently developed methods for interval-censored data, a general type of failure time data that commonly occur in many areas including demographical studies, economic studies, medical studies and social sciences.

报告人简介:孙建国,美国密苏里大学Curator’s Distinguished Professor,1992年在加拿大滑铁卢大学获得博士学位。他是美国统计协会Fellow、国际数理统计协会Fellow,国际统计学会Elected Member。曾担任泛华统计协会(ICSA)主席,曾或目前担任多个顶尖统计期刊编委。他的研究主要集中在生物统计学方面,并在多个领域做出了重要贡献,包括区间删失失效时间数据和面板计数数据。